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The Books & Exhibit

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The Books & Exhibit

UNTOLD: The Campus Diaries (Hardback) 
In April 2022, The UNTOLD Project's first book: The Campus Diaries will be released. It is a beautiful, full-color, coffee-table style hardback collector’s edition documenting the inspiring and gripping stories of life on the college and university campuses. Like the blog, these authors’ words and thoughts are unfiltered. The UNTOLD Project hopes this book with its original essays will create change within the hearts and minds of the student as well as create worldwide compassionate acceptance of mental health challenges as we all strive for a better understanding of this very important societal issue.


UNTOLD: The Campus Diaries Student Edition (Paperback): 

Much like the hardback, UNTOLD: The Student Edition 6x9 paperback showcases the anonymous student stories found on the blog. However, The Student Edition is a 100-page opportunity for students not only to read the stories but also to address mentally where they are and perhaps take a deep breath in their daily lives to try to connect with their inner self. This paperback allows the student the opportunity to write down whatever they feel and ask the questions they need to ask in order for them to serve their mental health needs and process their life on today’s college campuses.​

The UNTOLD Exhibit

Like the other facets of UNTOLD, our powerful exhibits provide opportunities to allow individuals to be heard, to inspire hope, compassion and change, to educate and raise awareness through bringing back the art of conversation.

Through our unique and heartfelt exhibits, we travel across countries to showcase and speak about the efforts of the photography efforts as well as the empowering stories behind the photos. Our exhibits, along with Founders Karen Shayne and Lorna Dancey, travel and include participation with mission-filled organizations, schools, communities, conferences/conventions and bookstores where UNTOLD personalizes each extraordinary exhibit to their community to create awareness.

Our traveling exhibit, include a (4) four-tower (7) ft tall exhibit and has been showcased in schools, places of business, exhibit balls and international conferences.

Please contact us about bringing our exhibit to your event or for any speaking requests.

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