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Whether it be in print, on radio, or live, Karen Shayne is dedicated to helping others to find their passion and purpose in their daily life.  She uses her life story to teach love, forgiveness and hope to encourage people to come to know and love  themselves and Jesus through faith, study and perseverance.


Karen passion for life motivates leaders and employees at corporations and associations to find purpose and build on the belief you can always live the life you wish to live. 


As a 30-year cancer survivor, Karen's inspires hope and strength as you travel her journey of courage, ultimately becoming the survivor with purpose she has always desired to be. 


Karen speaks with passion and purpose to diverse faith communities about her walk of faith, finding joy and peace, and learning to love ourselves and each other. Each spoken word of faith and moments of song encourages meaning and desire to live a life of significance.


UNTOLD Live is an event brought to you by the Women Survivors Alliance. Untold LIVE is a national touring event which offers a unique theatrical experience, engaging audiences in the unexpected blending of art, spoken word, poetry, music and heart provoking conversations. 


Cynthia Chafin, M.Ed., MCHES
Interim Director Center for Health and Human Services, MTSU


"Karen's can-do attitude and positive outlook is inspirational.  A high-energy, expert motivator, Karen an expert in motivating and mobilizing others to accomplish passion, and authenticity in their lives."

Rhonda Smith Hicks, CEO

"Karen is the epitome of one who turned her pain into her purpose and passion.  She has truly fulfilled her life's calling through the WSA and the legacy it leaves for all survivors of cancer.  I am proud to know her and call her a friend and partner."  

Derrick Free, Lipscomb University
,Kiwanis Club International

“Karen’s courage, passion and strength are inspirational!  Hearing her story will expand your heart’s capacity to better serve and love others."

Linda Ragsdale, Founder
The Peace Dragon Project

“Karen is a universal model of the best of humanity has to offer. Her devotion to others and commitment to making the world a better place motivates everyone she meets to do the same. She is the powerhouse of love the world needs.”